1st Phone Call

Let’s set up your 1st Phone Call with Further Up Further In Photography. We’ll have this first point of contact to see if we can come together on a vision and make sure we are the best fit for your portrait photography vision.

1st Phone Call


1st and foremost, let’s have a quick chat! Below is a bit about what we will cover on the phone, and at the bottom is a link to the calendar to select your best time. —Glynis


let’s chat


where: Let’s discuss you’re dream location

  • In studio for an iconic feel?

  • Outside for an epic view?

  • In your home, for a natural vibe?

  • In a rented space with a strong look?

  • Expertly edited into a faraway location?

Who: let’s talk people

  • Who are we photographing?

  • Names?

  • Ages?

  • Interests? Likes and dislikes?

  • Who needs a little extra coaching (p.s. we’re experts at “photo movement”)?


What: fashion makes the shot

What’s your style? Preppie, vintage, whimsical, earthy…

how: a bit about your portrait experience

We’ll go over details with you about the artistic process and pricing.


Ring, Ring, Ring

Select a time below to schedule your 1st Phone Call with Glynis