Our Story

our story

I have come home at last! This is my real country! I belong here. This is the land I have been looking for all my life, though I never knew it till now...Come further up, come further in!
— C.S. Lewis
Glynis and her children, Vivi and Everett, on their farm in Dutchess Co.

Glynis and her children, Vivi and Everett, on their farm in Dutchess Co.

Further Up Further In is the fine art & family portrait division of commercial and editorial photographer, Glynis S. A. Carpenter.

Glynis & her husband, John

Glynis & her husband, John

She lives in Dutchess County, NY with her 2 children, Everett and Vivian and her husband, John. Before that she lived and worked in New York City for 7 years. She is originally from Charleston, South Carolina and was raised in Atlanta. She has been a professional photographer for 12 years.

Glynis’s NY model grandmother, Millie Lewis

Glynis’s NY model grandmother, Millie Lewis

Glynis is a 3rd generation female artist in a fashion-forward family of influencers, starting with her grandmother, Millie Lewis, a top NY fashion model in the 1940s who fostered an early love of fashion and photography.

Glynis also does expert-level Photoshop, video directing and editing.

Glynis's commercial clients include Sony, Visa, JC Penney, Miss Me, Orvis, Bloomingdale's, Element, Warner Brothers, Universal, Kobalt, Bose, Vaseline, Smirnoff, Vogue Japan, Vogue Girl, Vogue Mexico, L'Officiel, Violet, Lula, Nylon, Bust, Vice and Complex.


For Glynis's advertising & editorial portfolio, visit www.glyniscarpenter.com


Artist’s Statement

I passionately pursue presence. I place each of my portrait subjects in a striking scene or set with cinematic lighting, filled with wonder and 'wow.' I generate confidence--even with inexperienced models. I create fine artwork from my sessions that is both world-class and deeply personal to bring joy with every view and ensure that future generations can share in this fleeting and shining moment.

Glynis Carpenter