Session checklist


Here are top 10 things to do before your Session


before the session you

  1. Pack the agreed upon outfits in a way that makes sense to you, especially if we are shooting on location. We suggest carefully folding and putting each person’s outfit in a separate bag. So 1 bag for each, labeled “Sarah outfit 1, Sarah outfit 2, George outfit 1, george outfit 2…” If you are bringing extra items or props, please pack them in an additional separate bag.

  2. Want to change the agreed upon outfits? Please notify Glynis so she can make sure you and she are on the same page.

  3. Bring a brush, comb, hair ties or clips, chapstick, powder, hairspray, lint roller. Or you’ve hired one of our professional hair and makeup artists so you don’t have to worry about this aspect.

  4. Navigate your trip to the session to see what time you need to leave. Make sure to anticipate traffic at the time and on the day you have chosen.

  5. Pack water and snacks that you know you like. Do NOT pack messy or mouth-staining snacks.

  6. Have everyone participating in your shoot practice doing a little Hahaha laugh and lean. Glynis won’t click that button if the smiles look fake. She told you more about this at your Consultation.

  7. Everyone at the shoot should have a great “Mona Lisa smile” ready to go.

  8. Get some rest! Everybody needs to feel like smiling.

  9. Feel free to reach out with questions or if you think of something else you’d be excited to try, ie, a glitter bomb!

  10. Doing a location shoot? Check the weather. Don’t worry we are too. If the weather looks bad, we will decide together 24 hours before the shoot to reschedule. A Further Up Further In Photography team member will typically reach out to you to do so.


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Now it’s time for the magic


time for your session

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