How Do You Tell Your Story To Future Generations?


You have a beautiful family surrounding you, art in your soul and you understand, as we do, that life is zipping by.

You want to capture epic beauty not just in bits on your cell phone and for a day on social media but in a tangible way that you can pass down to future generations, heirlooms that show your joy.

We at Further Up Further In Photography are here to create for you, laugh with you, get chill bumps with you. We hold your hand all the way through the process of bringing to life astounding art.


You care about style

So do we. All Further Up Further In Photography shoots include wardrobe selection pre-shoot. We work with you to establish the look and feel and even help you purchase the clothing you or your family will wear to get the 'wow' into your artwork.


You Want 'Wow'

You don't settle for what everyone else thinks is good. You want distinctive, high-end, special. You want artwork that reaches further. We at Further Up Further In are all about collaboration with our clients to achieve extraordinary results.


Your Process


We get on the same page

We meet with you face-to-face, discuss wardrobe, agree on vision, settle on shoot details and align goals.


You're the shoot star

At your session, all the planning comes together to make a singular experience for you and/or your family.


You get your wow

You have commissioned. We have listened. So, you get exactly the art you want. Every time you see it, you will feel a spark.