Tutu du monde 2019


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Important Instructions

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  3. Questions? Email glynis@furtherup-furtherin.com or call/text (845) 605-2085.

Booking Information

*2019 Photo gifts available: 25 gilded holiday cards, a 5x7 framed desktop fine art print (black or white frame) or a boutique wooden holiday ornament. Samples will be available at the shoot.

Rescheduling Policy: As long as there are other open spots available, you may change your appointment time via the link in your confirmation email. Instructions are in your confirmation email post-booking.

Cancellation Policy: This shoot once purchased is not cancellable due to staffing, scheduling and planning. You may transfer the shoot to another model, but please email glynis@furtherup-furtherin.com if issues or questions arise. In case of emergency, you can reschedule for another shoot in the future, or reschedule to a mutually-agreed upon shoot date/location with Further Up Further In Photography / Glynis Carpenter.

Additional Family Members Policy: These appointments are for one (1) model. If you would like to include one or more sibling(s), there is a $150 convenience charge and an additional $75 if you would like hair and makeup. There will be a limited selection of Tutu Du Monde clothing and accessories on set for use for shoots. Boys often participate in the shoot as siblings but need to bring clothing.

Please email glynis@furtherup-furtherin.com to arrange payment for additional family members or with any questions.